Our New Research Report: The Latino Experience in Museums

LEM cover for web JPEGContemporanea is pleased to release the Latino Experience in Museums research study. Our primary motivation in conducting this study is to contribute to the field of museums and cultural institutions by deepening the discussion of audience diversification.

The fast growth of the Latino population in the United States is a well-known fact, but most museums acknowledge that this growth is not reflected among their audiences. According to the National Endowment for the Arts’s Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPPA, the nation’s largest population survey of arts participation trends), cultural participation among Latinos is slowly growing. For example, the 2013 SPPA report shows that 14.5% of adults who visited an art museum identify as Latinos—an increase of just 0.2% from the 2008 report. Even though there are many general demographic studies about the participation of Latinos and other minority groups in museums and the arts, there are few studies that focus specifically on the perceptions, motivations, and values of this population associated with museums and other cultural institutions.

Download the report: Latino Experience in Museums Report – Contemporanea

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