Contemporanea Joins Forces with Scansion


San Francisco, CA November 4th, 2015

Dear friends and colleagues,

After 13 years since launching Contemporanea, I have decided to join forces with Scansion, a customer-centered innovation strategy consultancy. The main reason is to increase the impact we have with our clients by deepening the understanding of what people want and the meaning they draw from their experiences. For more than a decade, we have focused on people’s cultural identity and how that influences their behavior and attitudes. Scansion’s point of view on what makes an experience meaningful and how that experience evolves over time is completely compatible with our understanding of people’s identity and how it permeates our experiences. Together, our firms are now able to offer a complete panorama of what your customers want so you can increase relevancy through innovation.

For many years you have trusted us in helping you adapt to changes in society, by understanding the motivations and values of diverse populations, and how those transform the composition of our communities. The market has evolved quite dramatically in just a few years, and this change requires new paradigms to understand and adapt to a changing environment. By joining Scansion, together we will be even more capable of providing actionable solutions that respond to your particular needs based on a deep understanding of multiple audiences.

Scansion’s diverse team has one thing in common: we are all passionate about discovering what moves people, and how to create meaning out of a relationship with audiences. As Vice President of Strategy and Senior Partner at Scansion, I will be in a position to deepen our point of view on culture and cultural identity as it relates to customer and innovation strategies, while together we develop new points of view on the relationship and engagement of customers with companies and organizations.

Contemporanea’s brand will be phased out over the next few months, but I will be fully available to discuss Scansion’s expanded capabilities and explore new business opportunities with you. My new contact information is at the end of this message, and I look forward to continuing our common search for increased relevance and connection.

We will be updating Scansion’s website in the next few months to reflect this change, but you can learn more about it at, or you can read the media release here.

Always appreciative,

Salvador Acevedo
VP of Strategy




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